How to use Visuals

This document from Grand Valley State University provides a really comprehensive explanation of how visuals can be used to help children with ASD. It is focussed on the classroom, but a lot of it applies to home or out and about as well. If you are new to visuals or trying to find some new ways to use visuals, this is a great place to start.

>Visual Supports Overview

Visual Aids for Learning have created a number of downloadable packs which are designed to help parents get started with using visuals in different environments. The instructions are easy to understand and are accompanied by pictures to show you what the visuals look like. If you are new to using visuals, this is a great place to start:

>How to use visuals at Pre-School/Daycare
>How to use visuals at School
>How to use visuals at Home

The Visual Schedules Series by Autism Classroom News is a really comprehensive guide to using visuals in the classroom for a variety of purposes. It is written by an educational consultant with 20 years of special needs education experience. Her explanations and descriptions are very easy to understand, and are reinforced by plenty of pictures.

Types of visual schedules>7 reasons to use schedules
>5 things to think about with students with autism
>First-Then schedules (with Freebie!)
>Individual full day schedules (Part 1)
>Individual full day schedules (Part 2)
>5 reasons to use group schedules
>Mini-schedules for routine tasks
>More mini-schedules for routine tasks
>Mini-schedules for activities (with Freebie!)
>Using schedules everywhere
>Mini-schedules for work and community-based intervention
>Guest post from a Special Needs teacher
>The importance of check-in stations
>5 tips for teaching the schedule (with Freebie!)
>Resources and research



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